Albert tinay

junior - McAllen, texas - mathematics
about me

What’s poppin yall!! My name is Albert and I’m super excited to serve as yall’s Co-President for the upcoming year alongside my co, Camille Barrientos!! FSA really means the world to me so I thought why not serve a second term teehee (s/o to FREAKO15)!! Currently, I’m studying math and getting my teacher’s certification so if you’re gonna be in the UTeach program, hmu!! I’m also the UTeach FIG Mentor this year so if you’re my mentee, hellooo!!  I’m a huge ass nerd like I really videogames and stuff like that so if you’re into that stuff, hmu!! But other than that, I like to THROW ASS at parties so you can bet you’ll find me on a pole at BTS or somethin lmaoaoao Other than that, I like eating a lottttt so if you have any good food recommendations or recipes for cooking, lmkk bc yall don’t understand,,, I LOVE FOOD! Again, I’m so excited to serve yall this year and don’t be afraid to come up to me and make conversation, just remind me of your name lmaaooaoao



favorite part of fsa

The friends and family I made bc of FSA teehee s/o to GG, SCAMMED16/FREAKO15, my co Akiko, and our fam YUH YUH YEETS!!

Fun fact

I have really crazy dreams so if you want a good story, hmu abt one of my dreams lmaooooo

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