Brittany Tran

sports chair
sophomore - dallas, texas - health and society
about me

What’s up y’all!! I’m your sports chair for the year hehe. I’m really excited for this year and to meet all of you! I played volleyball and ran track in high school. Last year I participated in almost all of the sports for goodphil and I met so many people through sports so please come out and play you DONT need any experience lolllll just come out and have fun. A fun fact is that I’m an IM flag football and coed soccer CHAMPIONNNNN!! YAAAYYYY BOOOIII!!! My hobbies include trying new foods/ places to eat, exercising, and cooking.

favorite part of fsa

GOODPHIL!!!! I got to meet so many people through the sports teams and WE WON FREAKING CO-ED FLAG FOOTBALL!!!!!

Fun fact

I can’t float in the water and I can’t really swim that well (I sink like a rock lol)


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