Camille barrientos

junior - Houston Texas - Nursing
about me

Hello!! My name is Camille, & I’m one of the Co-Presidents of FSA this year! I’m super excited to see what this year holds for FSA as well as my personal growth :’)) When I’m not studying for Nursing or doing stuff for FSA, I like to dabble in playing instruments, singing, videography, and anything fashion-related. I’m always trying to tap into my creative side and always love finding inspiration through music, films, and exploring cities! If you want the best tour guide of Houston,  I’m your gal!! I’m always down to try new restaurants/coffee shops (approx 80% of my spending money goes to food rip), go to random events/dancing, look for the best rooftops, and take EXTRA photos around the city!! I definitely haven’t explored Austin as much as I want to so... HMU for an adventure!

favorite part of fsa

I love that FSA has so much to offer to ANYONE whether it’s social opportunities, volunteering, cultural awareness, dancing, etc.! I truly believe that FSA has a place for everyone and I definitely want to work on expanding that with my Co-Prezzie Albert! That being said my fav part of FSA is personally the families! I feel like fams made it super easy to integrate into FSA/UT when I was a freshmen. Also, especially because I was Social Chair last year, I learned about how much work goes into making them (hint: a lot!!). I love my OG Dollhouse fam as well as my own Slow Blooms fam SO MUCH and can’t wait to see how my lineage grows :’)

Fun fact

I have a YT channel that I want to take seriously but have a struggle doing so because of other priorities *SIGH** but if you’re a real one, subscribe to see future content!!

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