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Jason Tran

sports chair
Senior - Human Development and Family Sciences
about me

I am a Gemini, I wanna get big on twitch so I can send mama those bills 🥴 I love singing, kbbq, playing valorant, basketball, making people smile and BBQ sauce. Hmu for a 5 stack in val because I’m hard stuck plat 🤡

As your co-sports chair and FSA officer, I want to make sure that everyone is involved and engaged in not only sports events but every FSA event. I am determined to host and create more events in order to provide more opportunities for members to engage themselves in FSA such as esports and tournaments! My absolute desire going into my senior year is to give more back to FSA than what they have given me and as an officer I will have the opportunity to do just that. By improving and developing FSA to its absolute potential, I can be a part of the reason other people may call FSA “home” just as I did. Time to bring home the Goodphil hardware this year baby!!! 🏆🥇 S/O to sports co @jessalynreyes for taking on this opportunity with me! 


“What's funny is, My whole life I thought making money And being praised would give me some kind of happiness And I wanted those things because I was Concerned about what everyone else thought of me I wanted to feel loved, I wanted to feel accepted And then I realized that I could never feel anybody's pain or their happiness I could only feel mine” -Bazzi 

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