Kavina hsu

graphics chair
junior - plano, texas - advertising
about me

Hey what’s up you guys! I’m Kavina, and trying to write an About Me is worse than trying to come up with a tinder bio, so hmu and get to know me instead!

favorite part of fsa

100% my family. Shoutout to Papilya Fam :’) I don’t have a giant huge lineage, but my kuya, Matthew Law, was last year’s co-president and my co/best friend, Ashley Lao, was last year’s creative director, so you could say we roll deep with FSA. My family is the reason I became so involved with this org, and also the reason I still have some semblance of sanity left. They have had my back and been my rock. This year, my pick-up co, Harrison Chung and I are beyond excited to find adings and give them the same love and support our families gave to us. Be my ading, you won’t regret it!

Fun fact

I’m also an officer for Texas Table Tennis so I’ll kick your ass in ping pong.


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