Kirsten andrade

goodphil chair
sophomore - houston, texas - Human development and family sciences
about me

Hi! Hello! My name is Kirsten and I’ll be your Goodphil Chair this year. Even though I can look pretty intimidating, I promise I’m really friendly so don’t be afraid to say hi! Besides spending the bulk of my time in PCL (catch me in the writing center until 4 am LOL), I also sing, cook, bake, and love going on adventures with my friends. If you ever need anything, just let me know! I’m always happy to help. Want to get to know me better? Add me on social media and start a convo :) Also, I’m picking up with Danny, our Creative Director, so join our fam— I promise you’ll have a good time!

favorite part of fsa

The friends I made and my fam. Shoutout to the Stanniels, DANG fam, and my pseudo for having the biggest impact on my freshman experience! I love y’all heh :^) ALSO!!! What kind of GP Chair would I be if I didn’t say Goodphil? 12 outta 10, would recommend going!

Fun fact

If you see me around wearing last year’s sports jersey you’ll see that it says “KRIPPLE” on the back. Why? Long story short, I sprained my ankle while running down half a flight of stairs because I was late to fam reveal. Yes. I am a whole fool and a half.


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