Sean manguBat

junior - austin, texas - corporate communications
about me

Yes, that is a real Gucci belt in the picture. I was born in Cebu, Philippines, so yes, I'm cultured. Despite what my fun fact says, I'm actually a safe driver. Just ask anyone who's been in my car. 


I love to travel and my family travels to a new destination every year. This past summer, we went to Iceland. Last year we toured around Europe, exploring London, Paris, Rome and Munich. Worthwhile experiences, I must say. Travel the world while you still can because if you don't, you'll miss out on some breathtaking places.


This year, I'll be picking up a second generation with my co, Gina Kowal. So if you're looking for a hawt, lit ass fam, join us and become our adings!

URGENT - I'm in search for two people who are still looking for housing next year (20-21)! If you're still in search for housing, pls hmu because I'm desperate!

favorite part of fsa

The families, GoodPhil, and most importantly, I met my best friends through this org. Y'all know who you are.

Fun fact

I love cars. I drive a 2014 Lexus IS that's been in 4 car accidents, granted none of them were my fault. But once, I did nearly rear-end someone because I was looking at another car. I had my head completely turned the other way because there was a desingo Night Black Magno Mercedes-AMG G63 going the other direction.

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