tavi singleton

Social chair
sophomore - killeen, texas - Asian Culture and Languages—Korean
about me

 Hey guys, I’m Tavi and I’m super excited to be your Co-Social Chair this year alongside my co, Angela! My freshman year would’ve honestly been forgettable if it hadn’t been for FSA. I did so many things that resulted in me growing into the person I was always too shy or scared to become. That’s the power of FSA, I guess :”D Anyways, I used to be an English major until I decided to switch to Korean last fall so if any of y’all want to learn Korean and need a tutor, hmu!!! Continuing on, I love singing and even find myself making covers from time to time,,, oop- maybe y’all can catch me singing at FCN. I just want to let y’all know that Angela and I’s events this year are literally going to POP tf off so please come out and get litty at our parties and shit because if you don’t, you’ll get FOMO and we all know that shit sucks ass, so yeah. Lastly, If you would like to sing a lil song with me or be in a cute ass, talented ass, amazing ass family,  join Kim and I’s fam!!!

favorite part of fsa

Without a doubt, my fam (we reppin Anbu Black Ops 4evaaaaaa). Most of my memories consist of us every wednesday night, holiday, and birthday getting lit as fuck. We were honestly the original FSA crackheads LMAO. I love all of them to death and we’ve grown so much as individuals since the first time we met, but that didn’t stop us from getting closer with one another and bonding like we did before.

Fun fact

I died at OU weekend.

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