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1   : Prefers staying in. Mainly hangs out in private.

10 : Prefers to go out. Mainly hangs out in public.

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Aly and Aymen

HI POTENTIALS! Are you looking for an active but chill ahh fam that's into going out on the weekends, working out, finding new food spots, going to coffee shops to study, or having hour long yap sessions at kickbacks?! Well you've come to the right place my friend. Join the most epic, funny, coolest fam line ever and be our littles (we will spoil tf outta u)! Press this link to know more about us to possibly join the bestest fam line everrr:D

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Daisy and Francine

HEY YOU❗️YEAH YOU 👹🫵 We're Daisy and Francine and so excited to have a little fam of our own! Catch us dancing at J2 and taking late night drives to get food. We also like to go out w/ friends, have late night study sessions, and sing our hearts out at karaoke. We're super involved in FSA and always down to have a good time (spontaneity is our specialty), so if you want to be active in FSA or just want to hangout, our fam is perfect for you!

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Iris and Jim

Hey guys! It's Jim and Iris :) We've known each other since we were 11 so we're basically siblings already and we'd love for you to join the fam! Iris likes crocheting, watching Wreck It Ralph, and dancing. Jim plays league, likes raving, and "would die for Chaewon". Reach out to us on insta @_iris.huang_ and @jim.duong!

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Leyna and Henry

hello we’re leyna and henry! join our fam if you want to be spoiled 😘😘 jk we’re kinda broke but we promise that we will always be there for our fam <3 our motto is WORK HARD PLAY HARD so we can stay in and eat good or go out and party! if we’re not asleep u can find henry at greg playing volleyball and leyna making thai tea. we love trying out new foods and henry’s cat. pls come join our fam if ur down to hang out whenever, wherever 24/7 <3

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Arthur and Roxy

Nice, chill fam that’s very involved in the FSA community.

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Dariel and Joharah

HEY GUYS !!!1! We're the social chairs. Juh har ruh and Dar ee uhl. Are you smart? If you're stem come with us. We study hard but party harder. FFF: Fun Friends and Family is our motto. But don't be intimidated. If you wanna hang we're very wholesome! Expect a lot of food, karaoke, study hangouts, and all of the above. We can guarantee you won't be abandoned 1!! PLEASE BE OUR LITTLE ONES

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Jaewoo and Reyna

Hey future adings!! It's Reyna and Jaewoo 😻 We love exploring new restaurants, going out on the weekends, and having post-exam wine nights 🤓 If you're down to hang spontaneously, we're always rotting in PCL or getting boba - and we expect you to come with ofc 😆🫵 We want to be there for y'all whenever, so DM us on insta (@rynxw @jaewookng) to get to know us better and join the BEST fam! Hope to meet you soon 😎

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Trishia and Craig

Hi! Welcome to FSA, we're Trishia & Craig! We're looking for adings interested in being active in FSA, whether that be in sports, dance, culture, etc. Trishia's usually studying or dancing during the day and taking shots with you at parties, while Craig's usually playing valorant and blasting twice during the day and making sure we get home safe from said parties. Our diverse interests make for an interesting fam and we cant wait for you to join!

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Ashley and Niladri

we want our fam to be outgoing and DOWN FOR ANYTHINGG!! we have many events planned and we are also open to any suggestions y’all have :)) we will have study seshs at the pcl and fam hangouts 🤭
if you guys like cooking we have plans to cook as a fam! yalls kuya loves to go out so we definitely have something lined up in the future for that 🙈

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Diana and Jahnelle

Hi future adings! Jahnelle and Diana are both bio pre-med majors. Jahnelle likes kpop (seventeen wonwoo is boyf). She likes picnics, valorant, and concerts. Diana is a fatty (wtf) cuz she likes eating out. She’s a thrifting god and is a plant mom. We’ve been in a friend group since the start of freshman year so trust we’re funny. We also have a huge fam so you’ll be in great hands. We’re also v unserious <3. Pls choose us omg like we’re begging.

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Lance and David

Hi potentials! If you’re looking for a chill fam that’s down to do anything from staying in and academically locking in to going out and exploring food spots and nightlife around Austin, join our fam! We’re here for a good time not a long time and wanna make our last semester as memorable as possible, so BE DOWN, BE READY, AND DON’T FLAKE!

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Tyler and Nila

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little fam. But President Hartzell accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction— Chemical Bevo. Thus, our fam was born! Using their ultra-super powers Andy, Nila, and Tyler have dedicated their lives to making their adings time exciting and chaotic.

contact us on insta: @giangandyy @nila.shibu @themidgetasian

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