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1   : Prefers staying in. Mainly hangs out in private.

10 : Prefers to go out. Mainly hangs out in public.

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Aerin and Kami

We are cos turned pucos who are super cool and hot and also very slay the house down boots. Kami is an HDFS major and Aerin is a sociology/RIM major (see, we're so slay). Kami loves to bake and Aerin loves to eat what Kami bakes (and you will too). We love hanging out in small groups but we also love a good party <3. Message us on insta if you have any questions or would like to know more about our fam! (@kamden_hathaway @sleepyaerin)

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Amy and Harry

Hey! We are Amy & Harry. We want a fam that could just hang out whenever, wherever. We want to guide you through college & give you a fam that you can lean on whenever! We love boba, coffee, eating, movies, & especially sports! Join us cause... NO DEAD FAMS HERE!!!

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Bri and Vianey

Hey it’s Bri and Vianey! 4th yr neuroscience, Barkada Social Chair & 3rd yr Design, Graphics chair. We’re here for a good time, whether it’s study nights, fam dinners, parties, dancing, movies, game nights, concerts, pool days, going shot to shot (Bri is 21) get the idea. work hard, play harder. We’re looking for a big Co-ed but tight knit and diverse fam that’s down for anything.
PS Hit us up for 40% off at the CO-OP!
Love, Bri & V

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Daisy and Francine

HEY YOU❗️YEAH YOU 👹🫵 We're Daisy and Francine and so excited to have a little fam of our own! Catch us dancing at J2 and taking late night drives to get food. We also like to go out w/ friends, have late night study sessions, and sing our hearts out at karaoke. We're super involved in FSA and always down to have a good time (spontaneity is our specialty), so if you want to be active in FSA or just want to hangout, our fam is perfect for you!

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Alex and Kate

"Hi potential adings! We're hoping to have a fun, active, and wholesome fam that is down to watch movies, study, and try new things! In our free time, we like to play volleyball, eat good food, and travel around Austin.

Here’s a link to a slideshow for more about us and the fam:

We would love to know more about you; feel free to reach out via insta @kaateseno and @avocano_u :)"

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Arthur and Roxy

Nice, chill fam that’s very involved in the FSA community.

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Catherine and Justin

hey future adings!! 🫂 do you like thrifting? what about impulsive tattoos? do you like to lift? if you want a fam that studies at cute cafes, karaokes lana del rey, and cooks fam dinners, then you should check us out! we’d love to explore Austin with y’all :0 stay sexy, baddies 😎

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Dariel and Joharah

HEY GUYS !!!1! We're the social chairs. Juh har ruh and Dar ee uhl. Are you smart? If you're stem come with us. We study hard but party harder. FFF: Fun Friends and Family is our motto. But don't be intimidated. If you wanna hang we're very wholesome! Expect a lot of food, karaoke, study hangouts, and all of the above. We can guarantee you won't be abandoned 1!! PLEASE BE OUR LITTLE ONES

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Alexi and Gaby

pre-health professions who enjoy working out, eating and making food, watching anime, studying, and overall comfy vibes *with the occasional party :p*. If you're looking to be active within FSA, specifically the culture aspect, then joining our fam is a great idea as both of us are planning on getting involved!

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Brandon and Elleyse

hey future adings, we can’t wait to meet y’all! we are viet spy’s that come from the motherland. we both know each other from our viet spy grandpas and randomly met each other at ut. we’re looking for adings who are down to have night in munchin or late night partying, if youre looking for goofy moments and for some vibes then we are your pick!

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Connie and Hailey

heyyy future adingss🙈 I’m Hailey (on the left) and I’m Connie (on the right). We are looking for a nice chill cool relax sensational beautiful gracious vivacious fam😈 we like to eat A LOT and hang as a little family and huddle like penguins 🐧 we always down to try things (for the most part) and we don’t discriminate 🙅‍♀️Both of us lowkey have FOMO so we gonna try our best to go to events 🤭 we hope that u join our fam and just vibe w us😋😋😋

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David and Kathy

We are so so excited to find our lovely future adings who are interested in hangouts like cooking, study sessions, and movie nights!! We also have fun activities planned for exploring Austin—boba runs, rock climbing, paddle boarding, shopping, concerts, kickbacks, and more :)

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